GDN Supports a Ban on Single Use Plastic Bags

Tip of the Week: So What Exactly is Plastic Film and How Do You Recycle It?

Plastic film – also known as plastic film packaging – is soft, flexible polyethylene (PE) packaging such as grocery, bread, zip-top and dry cleaning bags. It’s also the wrap around many products including paper plates, napkins, bathroom tissue, diapers, and more. (See more examples of plastic film.)  A good rule of thumb: if you can stretch it, it is recyclable; if it is brittle and rips, it should not be recycled.

To recycle your plastic film, first make sure that it is clean (e.g., no food residue) and dry. Then, take it to your nearest drop-off location to be collected for recycling–Shaw’s, Star Market, Stop and Shop, and Whole Foods all have drop off bins near the entrances. Plastic film should NEVER be placed into the green recycling carts at home. They gum up the processing machinery at the recycling centers. 

Recycling your plastic film is as easy as taking it with you on your next trip to the grocery store.