Tip of the Week: Download the Recycle Right Newton App to Learn How to Recycle Right

It’s sometimes tricky to figure out how to get rid of things sustainably. For example, can you put used paper napkins and tissues in the recycling bin? The answer can be easily found on the City of Newton’s website and on the phone app  called Recycle Right Newton available for free download. (The answer is no. They go in the trash.)

It’s your one-stop solution to make managing trash and recycling at home easier. It’s as easy as typing in the name of an item and clicking the search button.

  • Download the free app today for Apple or Android
  • No smartphone? No problem. Use the website HERE.

In addition to learning if something can be recycled in Newton, the app and website will also:

  • help you find your collection day and allow you to set a weekly reminder notice.
  • sign up for a bulky waste pickup
  • play a fun waste sorting game