‘The Invasion of the Giant Single-Use Plastic Water Bottle’ – an Interpretive Dance on May 4

Join Newton Festival of the Arts for a picnic and dance performance in the City Hall park on Saturday, May 4 at 1pm.

Five choreographers will each create a dance at five locations outdoors in front of Newton City Hall. The audience will be guided from dance to dance and given information on each piece like a guided tour in an art museum. Our clarinetist guide will lead the audience to each dance, traveling from site to site through nature’s gallery, “pied piper style”.

The dances will honor and be a tribute to the beauty of nature in each of the 5 designated areas. Our vision is to draw on the specific topography, plantings and architecture of City Hall and to inspire an organic melding of movement and nature. GN Board member, Karen Bray, will lead in a performance of ‘The Invasion of the Giant Single-Use Plastic Water Bottle.’