Take Action: Hearing on Signs at Gas Pumps About Gasoline’s Role in Climate Change on March 22

Newton councilors Emily Norton and Amy Sangiolo are requesting an ordinance that requires a notice posted on retail gas station pumps within the City of Newton that informs consumers of gasoline combustion’s contribution to climate change. The notice would also list a link to a City website page offering information regarding alternatives to gasoline powered transportation, including walking, biking, public transit and electric vehicles.

The ‘#158‐16 Ordinance to Require Notice on Gas Pumps Relative to Climate Change’  would inform everyone pumping gas about the danger of increasing the level of CO2 by burning fossil fuel. It would reach folks who are not aware of the link between burning fossil fuels and the dangers of climate change, and help them consider alternatives to burning fossil fuel.

If you would like to support this proposed ordinance, please:

1. Send an email to [email protected], and ask that it be distributed to the full council.

2. Attend the hearing on March 22. Bring a sign. You might be able to address the committee, as the Chair, Jim Rice, is very open and informal.