Sign up and SAVE With a Home Energy Assessment

Please call 781-436-2639 or visit if you have not had a Mass Save Home Energy Assessment within the past two years. The assessment is no-cost to homeowners, because of a small fee in our utility bills.

Newton Energy $avers has a goal to complete 1,000 Mass Save Home Energy Assessments in Newton by the end of 2016. With around 875 assessments completed since October 2015, we’re on track to save more energy and costs on utility bills!

During an assessment, the heating and cooling systems are evaluated for efficiency and safety, and exterior walls are checked for needed insulation. Old light bulbs may be swapped for free energy-saving bulbs and qualified homes may receive free programmable thermostats, free low-flow showerheads and a free energy-saving power strip.

Our Mass Save contractor, Able Home Performance, offers insulation and weatherization improvements that are subsidized by the utility at 75% off up to $2,000, as well as no-cost (up to 12 hours) for air sealing drafty spaces.

This is the best opportunity to save on your utility bills, make your home more comfortable and help reduce energy use in Newton. For more info contact [email protected].