Sign the Letter to the Mayor Supporting 40% Renewables as the Standard Option for Newton Power Choice

Newton Power Choice is going to be a group electricity purchasing program provided by the City of Newton for its residents and businesses.  Eversource will still deliver the electricity to our homes, however the city will select an electricity supplier for the community and it will have the opportunity to add more renewable energy than state law requires.

Massachusetts law requires that Eversource Basic Service customers be automatically enrolled in the aggregation program, unless they have signed a contract with an electricity supplier, IN WHICH CASE IF THEY WISH they may “opt into” the CITY program. Residents and businesses may choose to “opt out” of the program before being enrolled or at any time after enrollment with no fee or penaltyOther choices include “opt down” to receive no additional renewable energy electricity above the state law requirement or “opt up” to 100% renewable electricity.

Green Newton, as part of the Newton Coalition for Climate Action (NCCA), strongly supports a 40% standard option (above the current 13% state requirement) of New England Class 1 renewable electricity in the initial aggregation contract.

In the next few months, our mayor will decide how much renewable energy to put in the Standard Option. This is the single most effective way we as a community can move forward to green our grid quickly, shrinking our carbon footprint at a time of climate crisis. With 32,000 households participating at the Standard Option of 40% above the state mandate, we will be taking the equivalent of 10,000 gas fueled cars off the road. Please read our Letter of Support and sign to show your support today.

1. Please read our letter of support.

2. Please sign to show your support for the 40% Renewables Standard.


As of July 6, 15 City Councilors and over 550 residents have signed the letter. See our list of those who have already signed.