Organic Gardening FAQs

  • ButterflyWhat is organic gardening?

It is the method of gardening that everyone used before the advent of industrial fertilizers, fungicides, pesticides and growth regulators. The emphasis is on creating a healthy soil environment for plants and working with nature to fight pests. To do this growers use cover crops, manures, compost, and naturally derived fertilizers. Weeds and pests are controlled by hand or mechanical cultivation, mulch, disease resistant seed varieties, crop rotation, natural biological cycles, and beneficial insects and birds.


  • Is it difficult to garden organically?

It is generally easy if you pick the right plant for the right environment. Placed in the wrong environment, the plant becomes weakened and susceptible to pests and disease. A healthy soil that is rich in organize matter such as compost and aged manure helps the plant thrive further.


  • Why should I garden organically?

Chemically produced fertilizers and pesticides have an effect on human, animal, and plant health. Consuming foods with pesticides can be harmful to health. An example would be DDT, which has been linked to cancer, male infertility, developmental delay, and a number of other health effects. Excess fertilizer that runs off lawns and farm fields contribute to the rise of algae blooms in lakes. Excess phosphorous from fertilizer runoff contributed to the closing of Crystal Lake to swimming in the summer of 2012.


  • Do you have a list of sustainable lawn care services?

Though Green Newton cannot endorse or guarantee any services on the list, the following lawn care providers have been accredited by the Northeast Organic Farmers Association(NOFA).


  • Where can I locate landscapers in Newton who don’t use gas-powered leaf blowers?

(The Green Newton does not endorse or guarantee the services of any lawn care professional.)

The following are landscapers who:

  • Understand and abide by Newton’s New Leaf Blower Ordinance (implemented 1/17/17)
  • Work in Newton
  • Will rake if asked, and, occasionally use electric or, in some cases, gas-powered leaf blowers
  • Are stewards of the Earth

GO GREEN LAWN CARE provides homeowners with an alternative that is cleaner, quieter and safer. “We’re not out to save the world – just your little corner of it!” GoGreen uses one electric blower sparingly, uses zero gas-powered blowers, and, mostly rakes.
Michael DeLacy
cell: 617-504-9405
[email protected]
Winner Green Business Award 2017:
Newton-Needham Chamber of Commerce

FIDEL ARGUETA uses zero leaf blowers, works alone and takes his time making your yard look exactly they way you want.
Call Fidel at 617-721-8316.

FINE GARDENERS Owner Paul Marini says; “My crew can rake in approximately the same amount of time it takes leaf blowers. We work with nature, not against it. It’s crazy to blow all that natural, nutritious mulch out of every flower bed.” Paul teaches his workers, “Your hands are your best tools.” Paul will rake if asked, and, uses electric and gas-powered blowers occasionally.
Paul Marini – owner
Fine Gardeners
cell: 508-245-6017
[email protected]

MOODSCAPES is an all organic landscaping company that does design, maintenance and more. They understand and abide by Newton’s leaf blower ordinance, would rather never use leaf blowers, but, do on occasion.
Moodscapes, LLC
Judith Lipson-Rubin
216 Hillside Ave., Arlington, MA 02476
cell: (781) 488-3200
[email protected]

ORGANIC SOIL SOLUTIONS for expert organic lawn treatments. Waban resident Carol Rosen has used them for many years and she says “my lawn is green and lush without the use of chemicals!” Mike will rake if asked and uses electric leaf blowers minimally.
Mike Murray
2 Draper St. Woburn, MA 01801
cell: 781.353.6996
[email protected]

SETH BERMAN GARDENERS understand and abide by Newton’s new leaf blower ordinance. They will rake if asked and do all they can to take good care of the earth.
Seth Berman
19 Walden Street #3, Cambridge MA 02140-2017
cell: 857-829-0257
[email protected]

(updated 7/2017)