Register Now for ‘What’s Really Involved in Adding a Rooftop Solar System’ Class on July 20

Join us for this Newton Community Education Class on Wednesday, July 20 7-9pm. You’ve seen solar panels popping up on rooftops all over town and have probably been flooded by suppliers offering to give you a free quote. Due to generous tax incentives and the relatively high cost of electricity, MA is one of the best states in the country for adding a rooftop solar energy system. But selecting a supplier, understanding the real potential, and getting the project completed can be much more complex than the solar suppliers portray it. We’ll discuss the various components of a rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) system and what it can do for both the environment and your household budget. We’ll also investigate purchasing versus leasing, what to look for when selecting a supplier, system design, financing, how to calculate break even time, and all the steps you need to follow to bring your rooftop solar system online.

Instructor – Craig Forman has been a Newton homeowner since 1990 and is a member of Green Newton. His solar project, resulting from several months of investigation with many potential suppliers, includes 26 rooftop solar panels and became operational in November, 2015. Craig holds advanced degrees in Electrical Engineering as well as an MBA, and does not work for or represent any supplier in the solar industry.

Class will be held at Newton South High School, Goodwin, 6203 (140 Brandeis Rd Newton Center). Course Code R285-S16, Tuition $37 (two for $55).

Register HERE.