Public Meeting Regarding Tree Removal on June 28

With numerous objections received in response to the hearing notices regarding tree removals along Beacon Street, and after discussion at the Waban and Newton Highlands Area Councils, the removals have been put on hold pending a decision by the mayor on whether to override the objections, and the city is hosting a public meeting this Wednesday evening.

While the Beacon Street trees and sidewalks may be of most concern to the affected neighborhood, residents of other parts of Newton may also be interested, as DPW is likely to want to use the same approach for major road and sidewalk improvements elsewhere. A public meeting has been set for 7pm, Wednesday June 28 at the Waban Library (1608 Beacon Street, Newton).

Below is the text of the meeting notice sent to the president of the Waban Area Council:

We are currently evaluating our options for addressing residents’ concerns regarding the removal of trees on Beacon St., including evaluating each tree individually. The city is committed to finding a solution that addresses these concerns and ensures that our sidewalks and roads are safe for all people. We are also committed to replanting trees along the street.

The city is hosting a public meeting next Wednesday, June 28th, at 7pm at the Waban Library (1608 Beacon St.) and I would encourage you to join. The purpose of this public meeting is to discuss the city’s approach and hear feedback from residents. If you have any questions, or are unable to attend but would like to register your opinion with the city, please contact the Department of Public Works at [email protected]

Thank you,
Mayor Setti Warren


We thank the the Newton Tee Conservancy for the above information.