Organic Lawn Care for Autumn Class on September 21

The Fall is the best time to improve your lawn. Everyone works in their yard in the spring, but really autumn is the season to make great strides. Higher soil temps, cool nights, and favorable weather patterns make it the ideal time; new grass germinating in the fall has two seasons to develop a strong root system before the stress of the summer heat. Learn how to care for your lawn organically without chemicals or herbicides. We’ll discuss why organic lawns have less compaction, deeper root systems, and need less water. You’ll also get tips on how to seed, fertilize, add compost, as well as improve the pH of the soil, conduct soil tests, and fix problem areas, so you can grow a lush, healthy lawn that’s safer for pets, children, and the environment. You’ll also walk away with basic landscape design ideas and learn the proper way to plant perennials, shrubs, and trees.

$34 Fee, Course # G787-F16 instructor: David Gordon. Sponsored by Newton Community Education. The class will be held on Wednesday, September 21 from 7:30-9pm at Newton North High School, 2nd Floor, 253 –
457 Walnut St, Newtonville.

To register: