Newton Ban on Foam Polystyrene, Plastic Stirrers Passes!

On Tuesday, April 16 Newton city councilors passed the Sustainable Food Containers and Packaging Ordinance, a ban on restaurants using disposable plastic stirrers and foam polystyrene food containers as part of an effort to eliminate single-use non-biodegradable plastics from the waste stream.

Foam polystyrene food containers and plastic stirrers cannot be recycled under the current system, are considered environmental hazards, and polystyrene is a chemical health hazard.

The measure, which will take effect in January 2020, will also ban retailers from selling or distributing disposable food containers made from polystyrene foam, and ban selling or distributing foam polystyrene packing material.

The proposal was docketed by city councilors Victoria Danberg, Susan Albright, Emily Norton, Deborah Crossley, David Kalis, and Leary.