Newton Goes Solar’s First Solar Installation Completed on April 20!

The first solar installation from the Newton Goes Solar program (a Green Newton Initiative) took place on Parker Street in Newton on Thursday, April 20. This was quite an achievement, since there is often a delay of several months from signing a contract to completing a solar installation. The program kickoff was on March 15.

Gloria Rousa-Thompson, a 30-year resident of Newton and a retired CPA, became the first homeowner to ‘go solar’ as part of Newton Goes Solar. She learned about the program through an article in the Newton TAB announcing the kick-off event. Rousa-Thompson had thought about putting solar panels on her home before – she would often look for solar homes on her walks around the neighborhood with her dog, Logan. She describes herself as someone who cares about living sustainably – she volunteers for a city beautification project to maintain a garden by a near-by Walgreens, and she and her husband walk and take the bus frequently. Solar power just makes sense to her.

“I always considered electricity as a natural resource that could be gone at some point, like water,” Rousa-Thompson said in an interview. “Sunshine is free, so why not!”

After hearing from Green Newton and their preferred solar partners at the kick-off event, Rousa-Thompson chose the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) option with one of the Green Newton preferred partners, Level Solar.

“Newton residents like Gloria can go solar today and start saving money immediately,” said Malcolm Bliss, Level Solar’s Community Programs Director. “We are thrilled to partner with Green Newton and the Newton community to bring our 5-star service to the city and help more homeowners make a positive change for the environment and their home finances.”

Gloria Rousa-Thompson wasn’t sure if her roof would qualify for solar panels. Now that she has her solar installation, she encourages other Newton homeowners to have their roofs evaluated by a solar company. “They should consider if their house can sustain the solar panels,” Rousa-Thompson said of her fellow Newton residents. “They should look into it.”

Green Newton believes that this is just the first of many solar installations that will be completed all around Newton in the coming months as a result of the Newton Goes Solar program. To find out more about the program, visit

Headline Photo: From Left – James Allen (Level Solar), Marcia Cooper (Green Newton), Craig Forman (Green Newton), Gloria Rousa-Thompson (homeowner), Malcolm Bliss (Level Solar)