Learn How to Recycle a House on April 17

Come check out a house being deconstructed while learning about the process! Join Auburndale Builders in a presentation by Dave Giese at Piece by Piece Deconstruction on Friday, April 7 at 12pm at 115 Concord Road Wayland, MA.

Deconstruction is the careful dismantlement of a house or building in order to recover valuable building materials. When taking your time to break down an existing building, the majority of the material can be reused instead of having it all demolished. When you demolish an existing building, all of the material goes into landfills when instead you could be saving 70%-90%. Wood, gypsum, doors, windows, flooring, ceiling tiles, cabinets, light and plumbing fixtures and roofing are examples of salvaged materials that can be recycled, used for a new building project, or even donated.

For more information contact: Brittany Rooney – [email protected] or (617) 467-4171.