Join the People over Pipelines March July 14 -18

With the climate crisis growing more serious by the day, we need leadership and bold action — and it’s going to have to come from us. This summer, we’re partnering with 350 Mass and Mass Power Forward on an epic, five-day, 43-mile march against new gas pipelines. We’ll walk the route of the Spectra pipelines and onward to the State House to show our leaders that if they don’t stop the pipelines, the people will! Join 350 Mass and the Mass Power Forward coalition for a summer to remember. RSVP here, and check out the website for full details on the route, housing, transportation, etc.

Thursday, July 14 Approximate Mileage: 16 miles

We’ll begin in the city of Medway, and will walk a few miles along the proposed pipeline route before deviating to march through the center of Walpole. We’ll end in Sharon at the Unitarian Church of Sharon, our host for the evening!

Friday, July 15 Approximate Mileage: 13 miles

The march will continue from Sharon, through residential neighborhoods in downtown Stoughton and downtown Canton before ending at a church in Norwood.

Saturday, July 16 Main March:

Approximate Mileage: 7.5 miles

The main march will depart from Norwood in the early morning, march through the town of Dedham, and arrive in West Roxbury, where Spectra Energy is currently constructing the West Roxbury Lateral pipeline. Spectra usually does construction work on Saturday, and we’ll be at the site alongside our allies from Resist the Pipeline and Stop the West Roxbury Lateral (SWRL) to show our loud and vehement opposition to the project! A group from Resist the Pipeline (separate from the main march) is likely to disrupt construction, while the march as a whole will stand in solidarity and support.

We will ending the march at Theodore Parker Unitarian Church, our host for the evening.

Weymouth Leg:

Approximate Mileage: 12 miles

A new, separate group of marchers will hold a morning rally at the proposed site of the Weymouth Compressor Station in partnership with Fore River Residents Against the Compressor Station (FRRACS) and the South Shore of 350 Mass, and march through Quincy to join the main march in West Roxbury.

Sunday, July 17

Approximate Mileage: 7 miles

Following an optional interfaith service, our now united, full strength march will walk from West Roxbury to the Massachusetts State House, where we will host a rally to show the power of the people, and how if our leaders won’t stop the pipeline, we will!

Monday, July 18

Approximate Mileage: N/A

We will host a morning rally – this time inside the State House – to again show the power of people over pipelines, and demand bold action from Governor Baker and legislative leaders.