Help Measure Noise Pollution in Webster/Hammond Woods on October 7

The Webster/Hammond Woods is Newton’s largest woods, covering a diversity of habitats on both sides of Hammond Pond Parkway. Please join Prof. Richard Primack and Lucy Zipf from Boston University on Saturday, Oct. 7 from 9am-2pm for a citizen science event mapping the distribution of noise pollution using the app SPLnFFT available on iPhones.The mapping will locate the quietest places in the woods and determine how far noise from the Parkway and other human activities extends into the woods.

Please plan to arrive between 9 am and 1 pm. Meet at the end of Elgin Street, where Lucy and Richard will assign you to particular places in the woods and show you how to calibrate and use the app and how to transmit data via email.

It would be best for volunteers to download the SPLnFFT app in advance. Please make sure that your iPhone is set up to send emails, since the app uses email to export data. Unfortunately, for this project, we are able to work with only iPhone users.

If you do not have an iPhone but would like to observe the process, we will pair you with someone with an iPhone if you notify us in advance.

This is a Newton Conservators that is requesting volunteer help for two hours, but one hour would also be OK, and three to four hours would be even better. Please RSVP to [email protected] when you can arrive – anytime between 9 am and 1 pm for calibration of your iPhone.

Parking is available along Elgin Street. The event is cancelled if it is raining. If concerned about the weather, please call or email.

Event Leaders: Richard Primack ([email protected] or 857-636-8378) and Lucy Zipf ([email protected])