Green Newton Supports Washington Place: Why You Should Too

The Newton City Council will be voting on the permit and rezone for Washington Place at their meeting on Monday, June 19 at 7:45pm in the Council Chamber. Please read Green Newton’s Statement on Housing and send an email to the Newton City Council about the benefits of the proposed Washington Place Project (e.g., 160 units of housing close to transit and amenities, 25% affordable to low- and middle-income households, village center revitalization, pedestrian and traffic improvements, LEED Gold certification, transit subsidies, ZipCar and bike facilities, etc).

The following message was recently sent to Councilors from Green Newton….

Dear Newton City Councilors,

Green Newton urges you to vote in favor of the Washington Place project at your meeting on June 19, because our community needs more compact, sustainable conveniently located, transit-oriented, bike and pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use housing with a good portion affordable to people with low to moderate incomes.

If you have any doubts, please read excerpts (copied below) from a Slate Magazine article…

Lefty Cities Say They Want to Fight Climate Change, but Won’t Take the Most Obvious Step to Do It

By Henry Grabar

Want to fight climate change? You have to fight cars. In the nation’s largest cities, cars account for about a third of greenhouse gas emissions. Nationally, transportation is now the single largest contributor to carbon emissions.

The only way to combat American automobile dependency is to reform the way we build, and in particular, to help avoid low-density settlement patterns that make it impractical or impossible for Americans to get anywhere without a personal car.

Environmental activists and nonprofits oppose new projects on the grounds that they will worsen congestion, occupy vacant land, or threaten local biodiversity. But by pushing demand out of urban areas, those activists promote sprawl and long commutes that worsen regional air pollution. [Slate]

Washington Place will strengthens village vitality and support public transportation. It will help make Newton more inclusive, integrated, and sustainable. Please vote “Yes” for Washington Place.

Thank you.

Marcia Cooper
President, Green Newton

GN Statement on Housing