Take Action!

Lower Your Carbon Footprint Through Green Newton’s New ‘Take Action!’ Tool

With 59% of greenhouse gases produced in Newton from households, residents’ actions in reducing greenhouse gas emissions are crucial if we are to achieve the City’s goal of going carbon neutral–no net release of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. To help each of us make a commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, Green Newton has launched Take Action!  on our website. This online tool offers:

  • a central source of information about the actions Newton households can take to reduce their climate impact
  • a checklist of actions that you create and commit to completing
  • tracking of actions you have completed and the amount of carbon emissions reduced
  • the ability to challenge neighbor groups to friendly ‘competition’
  • data on our progress as a city

The actions vary in their level of involvement and climate impact, but we hope you will tackle as many as you can so that we can all do our part to get to carbon neutral.

How do you get started?

  1. Go to the Green Newton website and click on the Take Action! box.
  2. Sign up (create a username and  password, and enter zip code) to create your account.
  3. Check off actions you have already taken.
  4. Make a list of  ‘to do’ actions you want to commit to doing.

One of the easiest actions you can take is to sign up for Newton Power Choice 100% Green Electricity. You can complete that action in a few minutes and check it off your ‘to do’ list for a big impact right away. Let’s Take Action!


Take Action!