Updated GN Recommended Lawn Care Provider Listing

The following are landscapers who:

  • Understand and abide by Newton’s New Leaf Blower Ordinance (implemented 1/17/17)
  • Work in Newton
  • Will rake if asked, and, occasionally use electric or, in some cases, gas-powered leaf blowers
  • Are stewards of the Earth

A YARD AND A HALF LANDSCAPING is a cooperative landscaping company committed to sustainable and organic practices. Their mission is to design, build, and maintain beautiful and healthy outdoor spaces that enrich the lives of our co-workers, clients, and community. They are committed to abiding by Newton’s new leaf blower ordinance.
26 Thayer Rd., Waltham, MA
[email protected]

Our lawn care and landscaping services offer an alternative to gasoline companies. Everything we use is electric or organic and offers pest control without hazards to your health or nature’s harmony.  We offer full service landscaping and maintenance with innovative, quiet and green technologies. 
George Carrette

GO GREEN LAWN CARE provides homeowners with an alternative that is cleaner, quieter and safer. “We’re not out to save the world – just your little corner of it!” GoGreen uses one electric blower sparingly, uses zero gas-powered blowers, and, mostly rakes.
Michael DeLacy
[email protected]
Winner Green Business Award 2017: Newton-Needham Chamber of Commerce

FINE GARDENERS Owner Paul Marini says; “My crew can rake in approximately the same amount of time it takes leaf blowers. We work with nature, not against it. It’s crazy to blow all that natural, nutritious mulch out of every flower bed.” Paul teaches his workers, “Your hands are your best tools.” Paul will rake if asked, and, uses electric and gas-powered blowers occasionally.
Paul Marini – owner
[email protected]

INSPIRATIONAL GARDENS is an organic and ecologically based landscaping company. They will use no leaf blowers if requested and try to use leaf blowers as little as possible. They are committed to abiding by Newton’s new leaf blower ordinance.
John V Rice, Owner
Inspirational Gardens
Organic & Ecological Plant & Land Care
6 Half Moon Hill
Acton, MA 01720
[email protected]

MOODSCAPES is an all organic landscaping company that does design, maintenance and more. They understand and abide by Newton’s leaf blower ordinance, would rather never use leaf blowers, but, do on occasion.
Judith Lipson-Rubin
216 Hillside Ave., Arlington, MA 02476
[email protected]

ORGANIC SOIL SOLUTIONS for expert organic lawn treatments. Waban resident Carol Rosen has used them for many years and she says “my lawn is green and lush without the use of chemicals!” Mike will rake if asked and uses electric leaf blowers minimally.
Mike Murray
2 Draper St. Woburn, MA 01801
[email protected]

SETH BERMAN GARDENERS understand and abide by Newton’s new leaf blower ordinance. They will rake if asked and do all they can to take good care of the earth.
19 Walden Street #3, Cambridge MA 02140-2017
[email protected]

(Updated 7/2017)