Take Action

What can you do to help the environmental? Below are every day actions that make a difference. Email us at [email protected] any time with your ideas.


Vehicle electrification to lower greenhouse gas emissions will largely be driven by better batteries. Though the current technology is good enough for early-adopters, how will better tech move us towards an all-electric future as quickly as possible? Join Green Energy … Read More

We are used to recycling paper and plastic in our green recycling bin, but please remember that some papers and plastics should NOT be placed there. Used tissues and paper towels degrade the quality of recyclable paper and should be … Read More

Electric vehicles (EVs) are only as good for the climate as the sources used to generate electricity. In New England’s relatively clean electricity mix, that means EVs reduce emissions by 75% on a per-mile basis compared to gas-powered cars. Thanks … Read More

Mayor Ruthanne Fuller reminds Newton residents: Please do not flush any type of wipes down your toilet (whether they are labeled “flushable” or not). These items can clog your household plumbing, the pipes in the street, and the equipment at … Read More