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Clover is a low-growing, drought-tolerant perennial plant. White clover is best mixed into turfgrass and lawns. A variety of low growing white clover called microclover can provide all the benefits of clover, while producing fewer flowers and remaining somewhat hidden … Read More

Choosing to value convenience over the environment is unsustainable. Since the 1950s, single-use disposable items have become increasingly popular. The result is a throw-away society in which 30% of our waste stream consists of packaging materials – primarily plastics. Disposable … Read More

In the single stream recycling process, plastic items are sorted using optical scanners, which use the reflection of light to identify the types of plastic. Black doesn’t reflect light, so it cannot be seen and sorted properly by the scanners. … Read More

Tips from Sierra Club for buying more sustainable toilet tissue. The average American flushes away 384 trees’ worth of toilet paper in a lifetime, and though we account for just over 4 percent of the global population, we consume 20 … Read More

It’s sometimes tricky to figure out how to get rid of things sustainably. For example, can you put used paper napkins and tissues in the recycling bin? The answer can be easily found on the City of Newton’s website and … Read More

We thank residents on Nextdoor Newton for this week’s tips on what to do with unwanted CDs and DVDs.< More Than Words, a bookstore serving disadvantaged youth, accepts CDs and DVDs, if they are commercial vs. personal. Their store is located 56 Felton St, … Read More