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Did you know that microfibers can be found in many household products and clothing, and can have a negative impact on our environment? Microfibers are a micro-plastic, defined as pieces of plastic less than 5mm long. More specifically, microfibers are … Read More

Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility released today its third comprehensive report regarding a 7,700-horsepower natural gas compressor station that Spectra Energy plans to build in Weymouth, Massachusetts. The report—a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the human health impacts of soil, … Read More

The key to a healthy lawn is healthy soil and good mowing, watering, and fertilizing practices. Healthy soil contains high organic content and is teeming with biological life. Healthy soil supports the development of healthy grass that is naturally resistant … Read More

A Grocery List App that Caters to Your Values The GreenChoice app allows users to view information about the environmental impact and other aspects of certain grocery products.(GREENCHOICE) A lot of shopping apps help users get the best value for … Read More

The Charles River Watershed Association is warning people to avoid contact with river water after discovering toxic algae this week. River paddlers notified the association Monday that they saw blue-green algae, or cyanobacteria, growing in the river, said Lisa Kumpf, … Read More

To inhibit weed growth on your lawn and garden, try covering areas with an extra layer of organic matter. You can mulch with compost, wood chips, newspaper, grass clippings, straw or most other organic matter. Avoid hay, since it may have unwanted seeds. Weed growth may also be … Read More