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We are used to recycling paper and plastic in our green recycling bin, but please remember that some papers and plastics should NOT be placed there. Used tissues and paper towels degrade the quality of recyclable paper and should be … Read More

Solar panels have become mainstream in Newton and all around Massachusetts.  As of July 2019, over 800 homeowners in Newton had installed rooftop photovoltaic systems. Solar panels have become popular because panel prices have dramatically decreased over the past few years … Read More

Mason-Rice Elementary Composting

The following is reprinted from Mayor Ruthanne Fuller’s email newsletter from February 28, 2020. Mason-Rice Elementary School this week launched a food waste composting program in its cafeteria. Mason-Rice is the third school with composting, joining Angier and Zervas* where … Read More

People ask, “How can Green Newton support the Northland Newton development?  After all, development is the opposite of green, right?” Actually, no. Development is sustainable when it generates far fewer greenhouse gas emissions than comparable buildings. Sustainable development is extremely … Read More