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How could we have known that baking would become our new hobby to sooth us during COVID?  The following article makes vegan baking less intimidating by offering simple substitutes for non-vegan ingredients.  There are environmental benefits to cooking more vegan, … Read More

2021 is upon us and many of us are more than ready to leave the turbulence of 2020 and make a fresh start. The incoming Biden administration promises to take bold steps to deal with climate change, but we know … Read More

A new pilot program launched this week – no-cost organics drop-off at the Resource Recovery Center! Residents can drop-off all food waste including fruit and vegetable peels, meat/bones, seafood shells, and other kitchen scraps along with paper towels and paper … Read More

Mason-Rice Elementary Composting

All Massachusetts businesses and institutions are encouraged to register now for the virtual Fall 2020 WasteWise Forum! Taking place on Tuesday, November 10 from 10am-12pm, this free webinar will focus on strategies that organizations can adopt to support food waste … Read More

It was an unusual and challenging Farmers’ Market season this year with the pandemic restrictions facing everyone! This year’s market started with the rescue of a baby duck from a drain on the first day — it found a new … Read More

Most animals raised for meat, milk and eggs are on industrial farms that contaminate our air, soil and water. These farms rely heavily on antibiotics and other synthetic treatments to boost outputs, and combat diseases caused by stressful, crowded and … Read More