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The Ecological Landscaping Alliance is pleased to announce a second season of free online garden presentations, as people across the country and around the world continue to navigate the challenges of COVID-driven restrictions. Starting March 31, we invite you to … Read More

Join the Ecological Landscaping Alliance on Wednesday, February 3 from 12:30-1:30pm for their webinar about the great diversity of oaks found throughout North America and locally in New England. Speaker Tim Boland will paint a picture of the genus Quercus, … Read More

It was an unusual and challenging Farmers’ Market season this year with the pandemic restrictions facing everyone! This year’s market started with the rescue of a baby duck from a drain on the first day — it found a new … Read More

Autumn Leaves

It’s almost fall and time for the leaf raking (or leaf blowing) to commence. Consider keeping the peace and healthier air by raking leaves by hand or hiring a service that will use hand raking or an electric leaf blower. … Read More

Most animals raised for meat, milk and eggs are on industrial farms that contaminate our air, soil and water. These farms rely heavily on antibiotics and other synthetic treatments to boost outputs, and combat diseases caused by stressful, crowded and … Read More