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The First Unitarian Universalist Society of Newton (FUUSN) has chosen to opt up to 100% Renewable Electricity as part of a commitment to their seven principles, specifically, “respect for the independent web of all existence of which we are a … Read More

The 100% Renewable Energy option on your electricity bill purchases clean electricity to match 100% of your electricity use, all from renewable energy projects in New England. To choose the 100% renewable option, first find your Eversource account number, then … Read More

Peak days like today drastically impact the affordability and sustainability of the electric grid. To meet the extreme electric demand, the grid operator—ISO-New England—turns to “peaker plants,” the power generators of last resort. These power plants are generally the dirtiest … Read More

It is possible to switch from a contract with another electricity supplier to enroll in Newton Power Choice and opt up to New England sourced 100% renewable electricity. However, we recommend that you carefully check the terms and conditions of … Read More