Calling all Gas Pipeline Resisters! Your Support is Needed in West Roxbury

Gas Pipeline Resisters have put their bodies in the way of fracked gas pipeline construction on Grove Street in West Roxbury. A group of 26 were recently arrested for their acts of nonviolent civil disobedience and they are being represented by the legal team from the National Lawyers Guild. Resist the Pipeline is asking others to bear witness, provide support, or take direct action in West Roxbury on June 25, 28, and 29 (with trainings scheduled for the evenings of June 24 and 27). You’ll find the complete schedule here and RSVP for action here.

You can carry a sign on the sidewalk or disrupt construction at the worksites. Your support, your courage, and your vision for a world without new fossil fuel infrastructure is needed in the coming week in West Roxbury. RSVP for action here. All reasonable legal options for blocking this project have been exhausted. Resist the Pipeline practices nonviolent civil disobedience, and this means their actions are respectful but firm, family-friendly, and often joyful.

To date, over a thousand people have taken action in West Roxbury, with 113 arrests for blocking construction on the West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline. We all come to declare that fossil fuel business-as-usual is OVER in Massachusetts. We can stop this project.

Join us for one or more of the action days of “Escalation Summer”. Bring your family, friends, neighbors. You’ll find the complete schedule here and RSVP for action here.