ACTION ALERT: Say No to Delay on Vineyard Wind

The Federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) has announced that it will take more time to review Vineyard Wind’s 84-turbine wind farm, which would delay the permit for Vineyard Wind to begin construction of the 800 Megawatt offshore wind generation farm.

That means that Vineyard Wind would miss the deadline to qualify for the generous 24 percent tax credit. It would “throw a wrench into the project’s financing, and could  affect the price of its electricity.” [Boston Globe]. BOEM is saying it may not issue the permit until early next year. Also, Vineyard Wind’s contracts with suppliers, shippers, and other companies are all in danger of disruption.

Andrew Gottlieb, the Executive Director of the Alliance to Preserve Cape Cod, is organizing a protest by business and environmental leaders. When asked if grassroots support would help his efforts, he said: “make some noise” and “inundate BOEM with critique.” Interestingly, he said Governor Baker is in the right place on this issue, so the best target is the BOEM.

Here is what you can do:

      1. Contact the BOEM – Ask for Stephen Boutwell in Renewable Energy (call 703-787-1531 or email [email protected]), and:
        • Insist that the delay will damage Massachusetts’ ability to reach its renewable energy goals, and hurt Massachusetts businesses dependent on contracts for the project;
        • point out that offshore wind is our largest renewable resource in the Northeast and without offshore wind, the idea that we can address climate change by cleaning the grid and then electrifying our economy takes a serious hit;
        • emphasize that Massachusetts spends about $22 billion on energy annually, while 18 billion leaves the state to import energy (gas, oil, hydro, etc.) Clearly offshore wind would mean that more money stays in the state;
        • and ask why is a clean renewable energy project would be held up, especially when climate change caused by burning fossil fuels is already an existential threat to New England fisheries.
      2. Post a comment on the BOEM’s Facebook page.
      3. Please tell Andrew Gottlieb at Alliance to Preserve Cape Cod that you support his efforts to protest the Bureau’s delay (email [email protected] or call 508-619 – 3185).