Support a 40% Renewables Standard Option for Newton Power Choice!

Newton Power Choice is the proposed municipal power aggregation program that the City of Newton is currently considering adopting. Purchasing power as a community gives residents the potential to get a favorable rate on their electricity rates. In addition, Newton Power Choice is an opportunity for Newton to significantly increase the amount of renewable energy in the community’s electricity supply. By setting a higher percentage of renewable sources as the default, we as a city can have a powerful influence on reducing our collective carbon footprint.

Green Newton, a member of Newton Coalition for Climate Action, supports Class 1 New England renewable electricity at 40% above that required under state law. This would mean, added to the MA state mandate of 13% in 2018,  53% of the electricity Newton residents receive would be from renewable sources. This would be a tremendous push towards a sustainable Newton. Please support a standard option rate of 40% renewable energy.

What Can You Do?

  1. See the Green Newton survey on Newton resident opinions on having renewable energy as part of their electricity source.
  2. Learn more about the 40% renewables standard option that Green Newton and Newton Climate Action supports.
  3. Please Read, Sign and Share the Letter of Support.