Monthly Archives: March 2018

In October, Waste Management (WM) informed the City of Newton that our green cart contamination rate exceeded the 10 percent limit (by weight) specified in our current contract. WM informed the City it had conducted 17 separate audits of Newton’s … Read More

Climate activists and students are invited to attend an important conference about the intersection of climate action and environmental action and a path to more effective responses in our communities:   Revitalizing Ecosystems in Greater Boston to Survive Climate Change … Read More

According to Bob Schildgen, otherwise known as the Sierra Club’s “Mr. Green”: “It’s not a good idea to flush anything from the litter box—even the cleanest non-clumping pine—into municipal sewer systems, because many of them cannot eliminate Toxoplasma, a rather nasty organism … Read More

On Monday, March 26 from 12-2pm at the Massachusetts State House, faith leaders will gather with supporters to bear witness to climate injustice in our state and speak truth to Governor Baker. They will demand that the Governor stop cooperating with … Read More