Monthly Archives: March 2016

A mulch volcano is a thick mound of mulch piled up around the trunk of a tree. You see them all over—in public parks, private yards and commercial landscapes. Problem is—mulch volcanoes can kill trees, especially newly planted trees! Tree … Read More

The 10th annual Babson’s Energy and Environment Conference is coming up on Friday, April 1 and this year’s theme is Redefining Consumption. The conference will feature talks by some of the leading minds and voices in the energy and environmental sectors, as well as … Read More

On Monday, March 28 at 7 pm, GN continues its Greening Our Community series of environmental lectures with ‘Gas Leaks and Transmission Lines’ featuring Nathan Phillips, Curt Nordgaar and Deb Crossley. In this talk focusing on the health and safety impacts of the natural gas … Read More

Last Friday, Green Newton and the City of Newton received the unexpected news that Next Step Living, a partner in the Newton Energy $avers project, was closing down its operations on March 18, 2016. Green Newton is now working with the … Read More