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Tuesday, Jun 28
Families and Firefighters Against Toxic Flame Retardants Lobby Day
Starts: Tuesday, Jun 28
Ends: Tuesday, Jun 28 - 1:00 pm
Location: Massachusetts State House, 24 Beacon St, Boston, MA 02133, USA
Description: The AHT Invites YOU to talk to your Rep. about flame retardants

Dear Ellie,

Home is where you go to feel safe and protected from the outside world; so what do you do when that safety is compromised by toxic flame retardants lurking in furniture and kid’s products?
You march down to the State House and DEMAND CHANGE from your elected officials! Or better yet, you join forces with a powerful group of like-minded folks and raise your voices together!

Will you join us on Tuesday June 28th as we turn up the heat on the MA legislature?

Families and Firefighters Against Toxic Flame Retardants Lobby Day
Tuesday June 28th, 10:30-1:00pm (lunch on the common provided)
Room 222, State House in Boston

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Flame retardant chemicals present a serious threat to health and safety in homes across Massachusetts. Despite known health risks that include cancer, behavioral disorders, and decreased fertility, these toxins continue to be added in great amounts to the products that kids and families use every day. A bill that would ban 11 toxic flame retardants from household furniture and kid’s products was passed unanimously in the MA Senate last month. Now we need the House of Reps. to follow suit so the bill can become law this year!

This isn’t just about public health; it’s also about justice. The chemical industry is working hard to prevent this bill from becoming law so it can continue profiting off the sale of flame retardants. Tell your Rep. you need him/her to protect you and your family from the greed of the chemical industry—IN PERSON!
Tuesday, Jul 19
Starts: Tuesday, Jul 19
Ends: Tuesday, Jul 19 - 9:00 pm
Location: Newton South High School, Goodwin, 6203
Description: You've seen solar panels popping up on rooftops all over town and have
probably been flooded by suppliers offering to give you a free quote.
Due to generous tax incentives and the relatively high cost of
electricity, MA is one of the best states in the country for adding a
rooftop solar energy system. But selecting a supplier, understanding the
real potential, and getting the project completed can be much more
complex than the solar suppliers portray it. We'll discuss the various
components of a rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) system and what it can
do for both the environment and your household budget. We'll also
investigate purchasing versus leasing, what to look for when selecting a
supplier, system design, financing, how to calculate break even time,
and all the steps you need to follow to bring your rooftop solar system

INSTRUCTOR - Craig Forman has been a Newton homeowner since 1990 and is
a member of Green Newton. His solar project, resulting from several
months of investigation with many potential suppliers, includes 26
rooftop solar panels and became operational in November, 2015. Craig
holds advanced degrees in Electrical Engineering as well as an MBA, and
does not work for or represent any supplier in the solar industry.



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